Types of fire extinguishers






Fire extinguisher service & maintenance


Under Irish Standard 291:2002 fire extinguishers must be serviced & maintained annually by a competant person. You expect that if you use a fire extinguisher it will work – Pyrogard will ensure all your fire extinguishers work, charged and are ready use if ever needed. Your insurance company expects all your fire extinguishers are serviced and in date as part of your policy, for a fire extinguisher service quote contact info@pyrogard.ie

Fire Extinguisher Service/Maintenance

Fire Extinguisher servicing should be not more than one year apart

We will provide a thorough examination of all fire extinguishers on your premises and repair, replace, recharge as necessary – all work is carried out to the NSAI I.S. 291:2002 standard

All fire extinguishers and all their components will be given a comprehensive visual examination for damage, fire extinguisher weight checked, checked for pull pin & safety tags, all fire extinguisher & fire point signs correct, service sticker signed and dated

Under I.S. 291:2002 standard

20% of all carbon dioxide and powder fire extinguishers must be tested, discharged & refilled during your annual maintenance so all can be discharged in a 5yr period.

33% of foam/water fire extinguishers must be tested, discharged & refilled during your annual maintenance so that all fire extinguishers will be tested in a 3 yr period

Pyrogard recommend all fire extinguishers are replaced every 10 years (from date of manufacture)

We will also provide you a free fire safety audit to ensure your fire protection needs are met and you comply with I.S. 291:2002

Fire Safety Register for your Company

Offical Fire Register to record all servicing & maintenance of extinguishers, alarm, lighting and all incidents in one book
Fire extinguisher sales & servicing

Mini Home Fire Safety Kit

PYROGARD’s Mini Home Safety Kit includes:

2kg Powder fire extinguisher (suitable for most fires)

Fire Blanket (used for pan fires in the kitchen)

Available at info@pyrogard.ie
See http://pyrogard.ie for details

€45 inc VAT & postage