Pyrogard, Ireland’s leading fire prevention & fire safety
Providing fire extinguisher servicing & maintenance, fire alarm maintenance
Contact us for your fire safety needs
Fire extinguisher & fire safety

Our focus is saving customers money and offering value with excellent nationwide customer service

We supply businesses, public bodies and organisations but also welcome individuals & households

Pyrogard supplies, services and refills all types of fire extinguishers and provides a comprehensive range of fire safety equipment and maintenance services including fire alarm servicing & fire safety audits to safegaurd against the risk of fire at competitive prices

Whatever your query in relation to fire safety contact us info@pyrogard.ie

  • Fire Extinguisher Installation and Servicing/Maintenance
  • Fire Alarm Servicing/Maintenance
  • Fire Extinguisher stands, covers and storage
  • Hose reel servicing
  • Photoluminescent fire point & extinguisher signage
  • Fire Warden training
  • Fire Safety audit
  • Fire Register logooks available

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